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EVERNA Codex Evernium - First Edition

EVERNA Codex Evernium
A Bounty Hunter's Guide to Terra Everna

First Edition

Compiled by Andry Chang
and Vadis Creative Team

An Everna Saga Encyclopedia.

Come, follow me to the World of Everna
and the vast Universe of Omnia
Let us travel through time and space,
to a dimension mirroring our reality
From the first spark of existence
to the time of unlimited multiverse

Come, follow me through evolutions and revolutions
When the first world strays to its end,
the second world decides to change
And the third world strives under grace to the future

Come, follow me to explore
all around the World of Everna
To see the fantastic creatures,
superior beings and valiant heroes
So we shall know in a glance,
the true meaning of these entire existences

Come with me by the Codex Evernium.

Published by Vadis Publisher via Smashwords, Inc.
 ISBN: 9781-3700-5671-2
PDF or MOBI (Kindle) version

Price: Free!

Author's Note:
This First Edition of Codex Evernium contains information on Everna Saga essential works,
including Fireheart Legacy, Everna Anthologies and some details from Maven and Morf.
Spoiler Warning! Avoid reading this book for those who are uncomfortable with spoilers.

This guide book or encyclopedia is made as a reference for writers and readers alike.
You may use the information from this book to make stories based on the World of Everna or the Universe of Omnia, or adapt it into your worldbuilding by mentioning this book as a reference.
For inquiries and permissions to make Everna or Omnia stories, please contact the creator
via or e-mail: evernasaga-at-gmail-dot-com. Page:

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EVERNA Elang Merah - Edisi Revisi - Open PO!

Nah, setelah mendapatkan feedback dari penjualan cetakan pertama, setelah berkonsultasi dengan para rekan yang mumpuni dan mendapatkan nasihat berharga, kami dari Tim Kreatif Everna Saga memutuskan untuk memilah dan mengedit ulang "Elang Merah". Hasilnya, buku ini menjadi dua kali lebih tebal dan cerita yang lebih berkesinambungan. Sementara kedua cerpen yang semula ada dalam buku ini akan dipindahkan ke kumpulan-kumpulan cerpen Everna Saga lainnya. Kami juga menambahkan ilustrasi-ilustrasi agar kesan light novelnya lebih terasa.

Kini kisah awal riwayat Robert Chandler bukan lagi menjadi "spin-off", melainkan adalah bagian tak terpisahkan dari rangkaian kisah dalam Serial Ksatria Cahaya. Silakan hubungi kreator, Andry Chang (Facebook/Twitter: @andrychang atau e-mail: Dan mulai tanggal 18 April 2017 ini, Open Preorder Novel "Elang Merah" ini resmi kami buka bagi para pembaca setia Everna Saga.

Serial Ksatria Cahaya - Buku Satu

Penulis: Andry Chang
Penerbit: Rafferty Publisher (Edisi Cetak), Vadis Publisher (E-Book)

Cetakan Kedua, Edisi Revisi
Paperback, 283 halaman
Word Count: 63.748 (seluruh buku)

Sinopsis -Extended Version

Ditempa dengan dendam dan duka masa kecil
yang mendalam, Robert Chandler tumbuh menjadi
prajurit pemberani, lalu pemburu bayaran yang handal.

Tanpa beban dan hanya menikmati kebebasan,
Cristophe sama sekali tak menyangka segala
sepak terjangnya akan membawanya ke pusat prahara.

Dipertemukan oleh takdir, keduanya berjuang
bersama para pahlawan lainnya, menumpas
tunas angkara yang kembali merambah Terra Everna.

Majulah, Ksatria Cahaya! Penuhi takdirmu!

"Cerita dan gambarnya, dua-duanya keren. Detail-detailnya membuat kita seperti masuk ke dunia yang diciptakan Andry." - Arleen A., penulis

"Kisah 'Elang Merah' ini menjadi pembuka sebuah seri fantasi yang menjanjikan petualangan menegangkan kepada pembaca." - Ardani Persada, penulis

Open PO sampai dengan 20 Mei 2017, sesuai jadwal soft launching buku ini.
Harga Normal (Toko Buku): Rp 75.000,- (Belum termasuk ongkos kirim)
Harga Preorder (Diskon 20%): Rp 60.000,- (Belum termasuk ongkos kirim)

Bagi Anda yang berminat, silakan menghubungi langsung atau mengirimkan pesan pada penulis dengan mengcopy-paste dan mengisi formulir dengan format seperti ini:
Alamat Lengkap:
No. HP/Telepon:
Judul dan Jumlah yang Dipesan:
Kirimkan ke e-mail: atau lewat pesan pribadi di,, Twitter/Instagram: @evernade.

Seperti biasa dan umumnya, kami akan menghitung ongkos kirimnya berdasarkan alamat lengkap (plus kode pos) dan jumlah yang harus dibayar beserta nomor rekening kami.

Terima kasih banyak atas perhatian dan tanggapan dari Anda semua.
Majulah, wahai pahlawan! Penuhilah takdirmu! - Andry Chang

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut tentang Everna Saga, silakan kunjungi:,
Twitter/Instagram: @evernade,

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Creaturepedia Everna A-1


Monster, Class C, Water, Quezal-Myriath
Ahutzotl is a monster that looks like a monkey-man with very long hands that extend to its tail. It’s a scary monster with fierce eyes, and sharp nails and teeth. As a river-dwelling man-eater water monster, it can grab people on the boat or near the shore. Sometimes it cries to attract people. When somebody goes near it, the ahutzotl grabs him quickly and devours him.

Race, Class C, Wind, Limazon
Alans are half-bird, half-human monsters from Limazon, Antapada Peninsula. They spend most of their time hanging upside-down on trees. That’s because they have long fingers on their feet and heels on their hands. They’re very friendly to humans, even participate in some heroic deeds.

Monster, Class D, Nature, Southern Aurelia
Amphisbaena is actually a two-headed lizard-snake, one head in front and one in behind, with flashy eyes. Live amphisbaena grants immunity to diseases for the bodies it climbs, and its dead carcass is a cure to rheumatics.

Monster, Class A, Fire, Al-Kalam
A cross between a phoenix and a roc, it lives in mountains of Al-Kalam region. Like a phoenix, it can live for centuries. Actually, it’s a variant of phoenix in Al-Kalam.

Race, Class B, Water or Wind, Arcapada and Antapada
Apsara is a cloud or water elemental fairy. Her body can transform all water or vapor, and she can blend, disguise or hide herself in waterfalls, puddles, ponds, clouds and sorts.

Angel of a Sinner by Kevin Andy

Divine Creature, Class A/S/X, Light, Global
An angel is a messsenger of god, that’s Vadis in Everna. A liminal being who can be considered the “wardens” of the positive forces of light, stationed to monitor the forces of darkness, and if necessary, keeping them at bay or fighting them. Please differ between the heavenly angels and the fallen angels (gregorians).

The hierarchy of angels is divided into several courtly ranks – in descending order: Seraphim (Class X), Cherubim (X), Thrones (S), Dominions (S), Virtues (S), Powers (S), Principalities (S), Archangels (S) and Angels (A). Two of the lowest ranks are allowed to inhabit Everna with physical flesh-and-bones as gregorians, just like the Devils and Archdevils on the dark side.

Monster, Class C, Earth/Dark, Al-Kalam
The ammut is the legendary witness at the judging of the damned who is called upon to consume the evil souls. The good news is that they only eat the wicked, and the bad news is that they enjoy killing the honorable as well. Instead of eating the corpse, however, they just play with it until a hungry scavenger comes along. Oily, smelling of decay, and a cross between a crocodile, hippopotamus and lioness, the ammut does not present a pretty picture. It has massive claws and jaws to match, often roaring deafeningly during combat. Hating the light, the ammut is usually found underground seeking sustenance from amoral beings.

Akuma (Toori Akuma or Ma)
Monster, Class A, Fire, Shima
Akuma is a scary giant or human-like monster, with a fiery hair and eyes like a pair of burning brimstones. He can fly and use his burning-blade sword at the same time.

Monster, Class D, Order, Ubanga
Abatwa is a symbol of peace and order in Ubanga. Abatwas are smaller than average human adults and live in Southern Ubanga. Very shy and only want to show themselves to children under 5 years old, magicians and pregnant women. It’s believed that a pregnant woman who sees a female abatwa will conceive a baby boy. Vice versa, if she sees a male abatwa, she’ll conceive a baby girl.

Monster, Class C, Water+Poison, Southern Na-Wan and Northern Antapada.
Adaro is a kind of merfolk that lives in sewers, polluted rivers or swamps. They eat sewage, garbage and poisonous things, so they become poisonous and cause plague and death to anyone or anything they encounter.

Monster, Class B, Lightning, Al-Kalam
Anzu has similar properties to a griffin or gryphon, except that it has a lion's head and front body and the beak, rear body, hind and wings of an eagle instead. It's quite large, its flapping wings can summon hurricane, rainclouds and lightning. Its other name is imdugud, meaning "rainclouds".

Legendary Monster, Class A, Water and Earth, Arcapada
Airavata is a gigantic white elephant with wings. It has four ivory tusks, seven trunks and the whitest of all eight male, eight female siblings. Airavata can suck a huge amount of water and spray it from above, or blast the water from its trunks like a gigantic water cannon. It is called Erawan in Moshaka and Erawana in Antapada.

Demon, Class C, Dark, Limazon (Lupang Araw)
Aswang is a kind of demonic witch feared in Limazon. It takes a form of a shy old hag in rags at daytime. At night, aswang becomes an agile demon that can run fast and can jump to five meters, with blood-red eyes and can fly without wings. It has sharp fangs to devour human flesh and abnormally long tongue with a sting on the tip to suck blood, fat or fetus out of a body or a corpse.

Monster, Class A, Dragon, Earth, Val’shka
Aitvaras is a shape-shifting monster, becoming a rooster when indoors and transforms into its original form and size, a dragon when outdoors. When it stays in somebody’s house, nobody can send it away unless he’s powerful enough to do it. Aitvaras brings good and bad luck at the same time to anyone who lives in the house it’s staying.

Monster, Class A, Dragon, Poison, Bjordan
This dragon eats snakes and keeps their venom in its body, so it can spread plague or poison with its breath, wherever it goes. Many consider Ajatar to be related with the dragon Aitvaras from Val’shka.

Race, Class C, Fae, Any Element, Ubanga
Azizahs are a faerie-elf blended race that live in the jungles of Ubanga. They usually give righteous hunters enchantments and healing when needed. They also teach practical and spiritual knowledge to the natives, especially during the Restoration Age.

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